Wednesday, July 11, 2012

if we only had a time machine

2012 Team USA

1992 Dream Team
I just got done watching the ESPY's, and sportscenter was on after. Apparently Kobe Bryant made some comments about the current NBA Olympic team. Basically it boils down to the idea that they might give the "Dream Team" problems. Obviously this sparks some controversy and some conversation. I did a little analysis myself and on paper the Dream Team is much better. It might be a little bias as I used to have a dream team kellog's poster in my room. It might be bias because I idolized those guys growing up. Heck I still want to grow up and play on Karl Malone's team. Obviously I've realized that I'll never do that, and I'll get over that. When I'm forced to grow up.

Point being, I don't think the current team could beat the Dream Team. Would it be a good game? Absolutely. Would it sell out the biggest stadium in the US? Of course. But again, no way that the Dream Team loses. Here's why:

Position Weight Height Dream Team  Current Height Weight
C 235 7-1 David Robinson > Tyson Chandler 7-1 240
PF 240 7-0 Patrick Ewing > Kevin Love 6-10 260
PF 255 6-9 Karl Malone >= LeBron James 6-8 250
PF 220 6-6 Charles Barkley >= Carmello Anthony 6-8 240
PF 235 6-11 Christian Laettner < Blake Griffin 6-10 251
SF 220 6-9 Larry Bird <= Kevin Durant 6-9 235
SF  220 6-7 Scottie Pippen > Andre Iguodala 6-6 207
SF 215 6-7 Chris Mullin >= Deron Williams 6-3 209
SG 200 6-6 Michael Jordan > Kobe Bryant 6-6 205
SG 215 6-7 Clyde Drexler = Russel Westbrook 6-3 187
PG 250 6-9 Magic Johnson > James Harden 6-5 220
PG 175 6-1 John Stockton >= Chris Paul 6-0 183

As you can see. The numbers are there. Sheer size and historical awesomeness of the Dream Team leads me to believe they wouldn't lose, even to this really awesome team.

Some of you might have already looked at the table and notice a few question marks. LeBron v. Malone? Both are MVP's. Both have a lot of size and strength. Before you go off on how LeBron is the best player in the league, remember, Malone was named the best player in the league, 2 times, when MJ was still playing/winning titles. And the Mailman...delivers.

Next, Durant v. Bird. This is the one that I think the legends might get beat on. Bird was past his prime during the Dream Team and KD is just getting into his. Larry was really experienced at that point, which might have given him an edge. Plus Larry had proven he could play against Magic and beat him. But I think KD has got this one. This matchup would be really cool to see.

Deron Williams doesn't play well against bigger guys. So I think Mullin edges him, but just barely. And it pains me to say this, but I think Blake Griffin is the only one other than Durant that would most likely beat the Dream Team counterpart.

Jordan v. Kobe? Jordan was in his prime in 92', Kobe is not. Easy win for MJ. Being the best player ever helps. Clyde the glide has Westbrook on patience and quality of plays. Both are super athletic, so Clyde gets it. Magic? No question he's better than the reigning 6th man of the year. Not to mention he is 4 inches taller and 30 pounds stronger. The Admiral v. Chandler? Please. And Ewing v. K.Love? Both are amazing, but Ewing is bigger, so his height makes him better. Stockton? He was in his prime, and didn't have knee injuries like Paul does. He is way bigger and heavier, plus he is the all-time assists king. And those short shorts? Might be a distraction. The only reason I'm putting CP3 as equal is because he is black and can dunk. (Something I'm not sure Stockton could do.) He probably has Stockton beat on pure athleticism.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

bursting bubbles

Today at church I was sitting next to my friend. Minding my own business. He was also minding his own business, enjoying the talk (or trying to stay awake, I can't be sure) when out of nowhere, the guy in the row behind us leans forward, and reaches his hand out toward my buddies neck. I think, is this a serial killer about to choke him at church? Is he going to hit him? Did he just plant a bomb on his neck? He ended up adjusting his collar. After the strike, my buddy turns around and nods. I sit there and wonder if this is a good friend of my friend. Does he know him at all? What did that guy do to my buddies neck? I didn't want to ask right then because the potential serial killer behind us might have overheard and triggered the potential bomb just planted. After the meeting, the guy says "sorry about that, I was just fixing your tie, it was poking out of your collar." Phew. That was a close one.

Then the wheels in my mind started to turn, as they do on occasion, and I thought, "why the heck would that guy feel he was the designated collar fixer?" I mean, he wasn't older than my buddy, and I confirmed that he didn't know my friend at all. It didn't make sense. When you are little, sure, your dad or older brother, or that crazy old guy in your ward can totally fix your collar. You know them, and they are older, wiser, etc. But a complete stranger? For me, that doesn't fly. If you know me, you know that I'm totally cool with physical contact. But I do not, I repeat, DO NOT like physical contact from strangers or unfamiliar acquaintances. I have a bubble, and unless I've given you level 5 clearance, don't touch me. If my collar is messed up, maybe I planned that. Probably not, but I didn't ask you to fix it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3’s company

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in the wake of the Miami’s “Big 3” winning a championship. How could this happen!? It’s the end of days. The Evil Empire has won and proven that the idea a big 3 will work. Small market teams everywhere should panic and run for cover. LA, Miami, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, New York will soon run the NBA and all of the small market teams will be left to die in the destructive path on the way to another championship. Oh wait, all of those teams already win most of the championships.

“Well now that the Heat have proven the ‘Big 3’ theory works, the NBA is in serious trouble.”

Irrelevant. The ‘Big 3’ has worked since the beginning of time. Just look around! Batman, Gordon and Alfred. Hercules, Phil, and Meg. Peter, Ray, and Egon. Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Frodo, Sam, and Gandolf. George of the Jungle, His wife, and that English Gorrilla? This list goes on and on. Hollywood figured it out years ago. And guess what, so did the NBA. Allow me to enlighten you.

The 90’s were filled with our most favorite NBA stars. The best of the best. The one’s we loved and loved to hate.
Jordan, Pippen, Rodman
Drexler, Olajuwon, Barkley
Hardaway, Richmond, Mullin
Oakley, Ewing, Starks (Not to mention Larry Johnson and Derek Harper)
Horace Grant, Hardaway, O'Neal
Stockton, Malone, Hornacek (mabye even Bryon Russell)
Sean Elliot, Robinson, Duncan (add Brandon Williams and Avery Johnson)
Teams were stacked in the 90’s. That’s why we have so many heroes from that time. Sure you had your fair share of teams without big 3’s, but it was common to have 2 superstars and 1 regular star on your team in the 90’s, and guess what, basketball was awesome.

Flash forward a decade and what do we have? A whole bunch of ‘Big 3’s’ again. Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Thunder, Spurs, Bulls, maybe the Hawks (if they can get CP3 and D12, but I doubt it). And guess what? Basketball is still awesome. Who doesn’t love cheering for Harden, Durant, and Westbrook. It seems like everyone outside of Miami that has a pulse hates LeBron and company. That's what makes this game great!

So to my fellow NBA doomsday predictors, don’t fear, the NBA is just fine. Remember the 97’ and 98’ finals between the Jazz and Bulls? Even tho we all know that Jordan pushed Russell for the series winning shot, those were great games. Amazing to watch, and this last year’s final was no different. (With the exception of game 5) Enjoy the offseason! Football is nearly upon us!