Wednesday, November 2, 2011

99° never boils

Have you ever found someone attractive? (yes I realize you are all saying I'm an idiot for asking that question right now) Have you ever had the courage to ask that person out, only to find something about them that you just couldn't get past? Yea, it happens all the time. Call it shallow, call it commitment issues, call it whatever you like, but it's probably happened to you.

A few weeks ago I had a buddy that was kind of dating this girl. Now this girl is really cute. Were talking an easy H, and possibly even a C. (please click link before continuing.) Now on one occasion a group of friends were hanging out. This was the first time that I'd seen my buddy and said girl; (we'll call her Oprah) spend a significant amount of time together. Now during the night, I saw him get some 1-on-1 time with her. Later I asked him how things went. All he could say was "99° never boils homie!"

Translation: She has a lot going for her, but too many 'turn-offs' to make anything significant happen. In simpler terms: she did too many things that he didn't like and therefore he didn't want to date her. If I were a magic 8-ball and you asked me if those 2 will end up dating, my reply would be "outlook not so good." Don't get me wrong, she's a GREAT girl. Just might not work out with my buddy. This saying is super true. I have met a lot of girls that have lots of things going for them but never get me to reach boiling point.

Now you ladies out there are probably asking yourself 'what do these girls do? I need to do those things so Steve doesn't try dating me." Well you're out of luck, I'm not sharing that list. Not on this occasion at least. But I will take this opportunity to say that each guy is different. There's no telling what you are doing to turn him off until it happens. I will say this tho, if you mention 'steak night' to a normal guy, you might finally reach boiling point. Why? Because who doesn't like steak...


  1. I'm just throwing this out there but I am pretty sure you have gotten to the "boiling point" at sometime in your life.

  2. you're absolutely right, I have never denied that. All I'm saying is that I know many girls that haven't been able to get me to the boiling point.