Sunday, October 23, 2011

nothin but love

This semester I have been home 3 times already. That's 3 more times than last year. This morning, as we were on our way out to head to church, I decided to be nice and hold the door for everyone.

My dad was the first one out the door, and he fake elbowed me in the gut. My mom walked by next, and flicked me. My little sister said "thanks for holding the door retard" and my other sister limped out of the door due to a dance party injury sustained the night before. I realized in that moment, that our family has a funny way of expressing our love to one another. I attribute it to the fact that we have 3 boys as the oldest siblings in the family. Boys like to hit, punch, tease, fight, and do other things as forms of affection, and our younger sisters and mom have adopted this form of love with us as well.

For example, yesterday was our annual boys fishing trip to strawberry reservoir. During the day, when someone caught a fish (wish wasn't me cuz I didn't nab one till the end of the day) the others would say things like "nice fish, for a pansy" or "too bad you suck and couldn't catch a bigger one." Translation of these 2 phrases: That's awesome you caught the fish and I'm enjoying this trip.

I figure, if someone in my family started to ignore you or not give you crap anymore, you are really in trouble. But as long as they are punching, poking, hitting, name-calling, or annoying you. It's because they care. So just in case any of you readers out there have an encounter with the Bowen clan, here are some translations that might come in handy.

Hey homo = hey bro, good to see you
You suck at (any sport/activity) = wanna play (that sport/activity)
A punch to the chest = glad you are home
A flick to the nose/ears/head = I'm glad I'm related to you (usually flicks are given by the females)
That was pretty good for a little girl = well done, I don't know if I would have been able to do that
Sucky = pretty good/well done
You look retarded = you look retarded. (yep, we also are blunt sometimes)

So there you have it, family love is demonstrated in unique ways within families. My crazy family has the best way there is. So next time you are around a couple Bowen's and someone gets a dead arm, don't worry, were just giving each other a 'hug'