Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We all know that athletes prepare for hours, and days, and weeks and months for their games. Train at the highest level so that they can perform and win on gameday. However, any die hard fan also knows that none of that matters. It's all about the gameday traditions that us fans do that determine the outcome of every game.

As the superbowl approaches, I have had an entire season of traditions to ensure my Niners win games.

First tradition - 49ers sheets. These sheets can't be switched out for any others all season. If I sleep on other sheets? Niners lose games. I can't have that on my conscious. This guarantees a good rest the night before a game. For me and for the players. Gotta be well rested.

3 days before the game - Niners gear must be worn. Starts with a hat, and gets better as the week goes on.

2 Days before the game - Niners cap, red Niners shirt.

1 Day before the game - Niners cap, gold Niners shirt.

Gameday - Niners cap, red Niners shirt (see 3 days before the game), Niners jersey on top. Black Nike high-tops. (the high-tops tradition started this year, and not every game.)

Rumor has it, the Niners are undefeated when I wear these on gameday

This combination guarantees a victory. Last time I didn't do this? Niners got lit up by the Seahawks. I blame myself for the loss. I tweeted some of the team that I follow to apologize, and vowed to make sure the rest of the season didn't happen that way. Especially in the playoffs.

I would say that these superstitions were crazy, but like the commercial says, it's only crazy if it doesn't work. And this my friends, works.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the game

About a week ago, I was out with some friends in a social setting. The Thunder/Lakers game was on so I wasn't part of the conversation, which happened to be a conversation of gender generalities. (aka "girls always do this" or "guys are always like this") I'm as guilty as anyone about making inaccurate general statements about things, but being an outsider to the conversation made me laugh at how ridiculous we sound sometimes. At one point the conversation turned to games that we play. Not the awesome kind like uno, badminton, or capture the flag either. They were talking about relationship games. This slightly intrigued me so I began eavesdropping.

At one point, someone who was less than amused with the comments said "Can someone even define what these games are?" The dumbfounded group could barely come up with "It's just the stupid games that girls and guys play during a relationship."  So games are just the games that girls and guys play during a relationship. Gotcha.

I decided to shed some light on these "games" by asking around. What I found from personal experience as well as the intelligence of friends is: of course there is a game that must be played. As people, Americans especially, there is a huge breakdown in communication and one can't say everything they want to. (I try all the time, it doesn't work.) As a result, there is a huge game of guessing. And if you can keep the other guessing longer without pushing them away, you have the upper hand. If you have 'verbal throw up,' and tell them everything you are thinking all the time, you might freak them out and push them away. It's a fine line. If you don't cross it, you aren't playing 'games' but if you do? The other party is going to say you are a tease and just play 'games.'

Conclusion: We should just play uno more often and leave the games to the backstreet boys.

Monday, January 7, 2013

the real world = the matrix

We've all heard it. "When you get to the 'real world' ...(fill in the blank)" I just heard this yesterday in church. I got to thinking, when is the real world? My conclusion: it must be part of the matrix. 

When you are in middle school, you definitely aren't in the 'real world' because grades technically don't matter. Come 9th grade, you are in the real world and you need to worry about grades for college. So that could be the real world. Right?

Wrong. All thru high school you hear, "Once you're in the real world, you can't do that." So high school isn't the real world. Relationships aren't real. You can break up and get back together 80 times a year. Nothing matters other than preparing for what's next. College, Tech School, the Real World? Most high school-ers would say that after you graduate from high school, you are in the real world. Could this be? 4 years of preparation, fine-tuning your social skills to get ready for post-graduation life? 

Wrong. You get to college and you still haven't escaped the real world matrix. Granted, life does get more "real" but I have heard time and time again, that graduating and going into the "real world" is scary for most college seniors. But college has to be the real world right? I mean, in high school, if you get caught cheating, you get a slap on the wrist. In college, cheating will land you on the expelled list, and maybe even criminal charges. So that means you are in the real world. Right?

Wrong. According to my commencement speaker, we entered the real world upon graduation. But I'm back in a grad program. Does that mean I am in the "real world" now? Or since I'm back in school I'm not there. When I get my masters do I finally make it out of the real world matrix into the actual real world? I guess only time will tell. I wish Keanu Reeves or Samuel Jackson was here. I think they would be able to help. 

ring in the new year

This is a goal setting help sheet my dad has taught us for years. Normally I only post for comedy, but regarding a new year and making ourselves better, I think that this formula is too good to not share. May your 2013 be excellent and full of greatness! 

Things that help with successful goal setting:

1.      Make your goals attainable.
2.      Write your goals down.
3.      Break your goals into steps.
4.      Read your goals every day.
5.      Do something every day toward achieving your goals!

You may have heard of SMART goals, but theres a better formula called SMARTEST goals:

SpecificBe specific in what you want to achieve
MeasurableBe sure you can measure the successful achievement of your goals
Action-orientedAsk how you are going to reach your goal and create a list of steps
RealisticSet goals that are realistic, but also make you stretch
TimedAdd a start and a finish date for your overall goal with target dates for interim steps
EvaluateReview your progress regularly and recognize how far you have come
Seek the SpiritAsk the Lord for help in setting and achieving your goals
Think about your GoalsDont just write them down and forget them.  Begin with the end in mind

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

Enjoy the new year! I'll be back on track and posting again soon!