Thursday, March 7, 2013

guilty by association

Michelle Obama is meeting with CEO's of business's to discuss business. Her education includes a sociology major (African american studies minor) and a law degree. When I read about her education, I feel like she would be great at consulting minorities about how to become militant activists in order to gain unfair advantages they don't really deserve over others. But has done nothing to earn the right to educate top business leaders on how to do their job. Just because she is the presidents wife, doesn't mean she is smart, or can teach business leaders about business. Heck, the president can't seem to get a clue on how to make business work. check this out.

Guilty by association is collective guilt. It is the controversial collectivist idea that a group of humans can bear guilt above and beyond the guilt of particular members, and hence an individual holds responsibility for what other members of his group have done, even if the person has not done this.

Translation? If you are around other people, you are likely to be lumped in with the dominant traits/actions of the group.

Using the logic that the first lady is using, I propose the following:
  1. Soccer moms send husbands to teach the top chefs in the world how to make mac & cheese. 
  2. Tom Brady and Wes Welker send their supermodel wives to the front office of any sports franchise and consult owners on how to run the team. They could probably coach a team too. 
  3. Oscar Pistorius does world tour on how to prevent domestic violence. 
  4. An undeclared freshmen teach classes to tenured professors how to encourage participation in classes. 
  5. Metta World Peace gives a seminar to all major religious leaders on anger management and promoting peace. 
Sounds like a great idea? Right?

Monday, March 4, 2013

ain't nobody got time for that

Just in case you haven't seen this yet. You should.

Here's the original. Thank you sweet brown.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Good luck reading that title. I'll bet you spent 5 minutes just trying to figure that out.

By now, most of you have an instagram, twitter, vine, or some other social media platform that use hashtags. However, each one of these is unique in the way that you are expected to use the hashtag.

Instagram - A fun and easy social media site. Apparently there is an unspoken rule that girls are to use a minimum of 3 hashtags per picture. And if its someones birthday, you are required to use no less than 10. Food, at least 5 are needed to get your point across that you are enjoying the food. But the point is, there is not a goal for creativity, originality, or awesomeness in a hashtag. As many as you need.

Twitter - this is the last great social media frontier. A friend of mine said "brevity is a sign of wit." Another friend said "twitter is cool." Both true statements. Twitter only allows 140 characters for expression. So you have to be brief. Meaning, your hashtags must be witty, funny, clever, or non-existent. Not using a hashtag is also a sign of intelligence in this hashtag-saturated world. Twitter? 2 hashtags MAX! There is no reason to go on and on with hashtags. Why? Because you can't. You don't have room; and because twitter is the place for the clever and the brief to express themselves. Moral of the story, one hashtag should be plenty. On a rare circumstance you can include a second, but only if both are epic.

Facebook - hashtags don't work. Stop putting them there.

Vine - don't have one. But from what I can tell, see instagram advice above.

Oh and one more thing, just like my title, hashtags that are too long are obnoxious. Try using CamelCase. #ThenPeopleCanUnderstandWhatYouHashtagIsActuallySaying