Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is that a compliment?

I live in a house with 3 awesome dudes. We have all gotten sucked into the awesomeness that is, "New Girl." Except for David, who has been in San Francisco all summer. 

New Girl is a show about 3 guys and Zooey Deschanel who live in a loft in California together and have some of the funniest story lines of TV. It really gained some steam in it's second season and we are all anxiously awaiting the start of the 3rd season this fall. (September 17th) If you haven't seen it, go watch the first season on Netflix. If you love funny TV shows; you won't regret it. 

As mentioned above, this show has gained a lot of traction in the mainstream pop culture. Many people I know have been comparing me to Schmidt. The loveable, but overly-confident ladies' man who is originally from Long Island, New York. So the question must be asked, why do I remind people of Schmidt? I decided that when people say I remind them of him, it's probably a compasult. Here's why:

Are people saying I'm a douche?

Or is it because I like to dress nice?

Or is it any one of these moments?

Whatever way I remind you of Schmidt, I'm going to accept it as a compliment. Because he's pretty funny, and he dated a model. 

100th post

Wow. 100 posts. And it only took me 3 years. Divide 100 by 36 months? that's about 3 posts a month. You're welcome for not blowing up your feed with new posts. And also, Andy, I'm sorry I haven't posted hardly anything in 2013.

For my 100th post I wanted to do something so epic. Something so awesome that it would get 100 views in 100 seconds from 100 different countries. But then I remembered, I'm not that influential. I mean, I'm not Erinn Miller

So then I thought I could something thought provoking or inspirational. Something to get people thinking. Like judging books by their covers, analyzing politics, proof that God exists or doesn't, the similarities between Costco and Disneyland. You know, stuff that will make you smarter. But I decided against that too.

So then I decided. Who cares. It's the 100th post of a mediocre drop-in-the-bucket blog among millions of blogs. So that's it. The end. Happy 100th post!

Here's some inspirational thoughts for you. I'll play myself out.