Wednesday, January 11, 2012

at the watering hole...

Yep. Another complaint about American conversation. Just when you thought I was done.

Have you ever noticed that some words are stronger than others? the "L" word, hate, die, kill, etc. These words have a definitive meaning. There is no gray area. If you kill someone, there is no mistake what just happened. If you die, there is no such thing as "mostly" dead, even if princess bride would argue otherwise.

Lately I've noticed that people say "I hate you" way too often. (yes it's usually directed at me in case you were wondering.) The problem with this, is that the word hate is being watered down now. If you tell me you hate me, I want you to mean it! (not that I want to be hated by anyone) I mean Grinch hate. You know there is no question, he HATES the who's. Even loathes them entirely. But usually when I hear hate, it doesn't mean that. It's an "I'm mad at you at this exact moment" or "I don't agree with what you just said" but in the heat of the moment, an ill-placed 'hate' comes out. Next time you want to 'hate' something, think through it, you'll probably just "really dislike" it at most.

Another one that needs to be changed, "This is do or die" This phrase is no good anymore. Just ask Dwight.
If someone tells me this is a "do or die" situation, I'm looking around for Tom Cruise and lacing up my sneakers to run from some Russians carrying some AK-47's. If I don't run, I die. Simple. No gray area.

Another one; die. "I'm gonna die of boredom." Really? Literally die? You are going to stop breathing from boredom? I doubt it. How about, I'm gonna fall asleep from boredom. Or instead of dying from embarrassment, you cry from embarrassment. Or move to a new state because of embarrassment. That makes more sense. We can't corrupt these absolutes. Anarchy will follow. I thumb promise


  1. I think I really hate you.....just sayin

    1. DKP? I don't know who you are but I resent your comment. The blue shirted girl is gonna come give you a good swift kick in the pants if you don't shape up

  2. Jk I love the clip though! haha