Monday, August 27, 2012

ready, set, GO!

Well it’s the start of school. For us lucky students at the U, we started a week ago. For some reason, this year I was NOT excited to get back to school. (might have been the $30,000 of debt I had to go into, or maybe because this is my 5th year of school, or maybe it’s because it’s not SUU) Either way school is upon us. My baby sister is starting school today so this post is inspired for her, but can apply to everyone.

College, something we pay big bucks for in hopes of making the big bucks. Why do we really do it? I was talking to a friend the other day who questioned his attendance at a university. He thought he should’ve done a trade school or something like that. I was thinking about that and my undergraduate time at SUU. I came to this conclusion: most people don’t go to college purely for an education. In reality, we don’t learn a ton in college. (we do, but forget a good portion of it.) College is bigger than just school. It’s an experience. If I were to do it again, I would always choose a school in a college town. Why? The environment. The people. The crazy stories. The midnight adventures. Not for the teachers or the prestige of the school. I can remember going on a hike at 2 am the night before a final exam my freshman year, 5 years ago, but I can’t tell you what was on my final exam only hours later. College is an experience, education is only part of that.

So if you sleep thru your alarm because you were up too late last night, get a front row seat because that is who you are, or stroll in late and sit in the back on your computer, remember, today is the day of a new beginning. Your college experience is waiting for you. Make it memorable!

My advice? Pull some funny pranks on your friends, ask for some random hottie's number, make a late night Wendy’s run, enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the sweet picture you’re gonna post on instagram, don’t flunk out of college, and be a part of your school. Enjoy the first day of school baby sister!(and everyone else)