Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As many of you know, spring break is a time to cut loose, get away from school, and enjoy life somewhere warm. (California, Vegas, Arizona, etc.) Cedar city-ites especially enjoy the warm part. Well during spring break the normal rules of life might not apply. Rules such as the social hierarchy of dating, go to bed on time, brush your teeth, floss, you get the idea.

Well over this past spring break, and others in the past I have developed, with the help of a few friends, a spring break list of rules. If you have ever had a spring break, you know this list will be short.

Rule #1- Remember your toothbrush. If you forget it, you'll regret it.
Rule #2- Make sure you have a wingman, he will be essential.
Rule #3- Jazz games are always better when you and your buddies make the jumbotron.
Rule #4- Wear high tops if you are going to play tip-in in the backyard.
Rule #5- It's ok to settle, as long as it's only once. Just know the silent cowboy will still be disappointed in you
Rule #6- Longboards make the trip better
Rule #7- Make sure if you are driving for a while, you have a good selection of music
Rule #8- Make your own fun, don't worry too much about consequences
Rule #9- Crazy stories last forever, and turn into memories.You'll never remember what is cost.
Rule #10- If it's your birthday during spring break, make sure people know, they will buy you stuff and give you permanent shotgun.

So there you have it, the rules of spring break, if you have rules that you wanna add let me know.


  1. Rule #11 - make sure walker wood comes. At least that is what I got out of this.

    Look like all those rules resulted in a serious love affair.

  2. I dislike your comment david, only rule #5 and #10 apply to walker