Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nobody likes a villain

LeBron James is the villain of the NBA. Hated by fans everywhere. Although he rivals any player in sheer psychical dominance on the court, he still isn't loved or will ever be loved like Mr. Air. Reasons? He chokes in the big games? maybe. The way he went about leaving the cavs? probably. Because he can beat your team by himself? most likely. All these reasons are valid. Its ok that he is hated, he doesn't mind. He has 14,500,000 reasons to not care what others think. But hey this isn't a hate post, this is in defense of the man. Don't get me wrong, I cheer for the Jazz, Celtics, and whoever is playing the Heat, but LBJ deserves some credit.

LBJ is a manchild. What I mean is that he is a man among mostly children.

The silent cowboy (SC) responded to my buddies post in response to a few words Mr. Simmons said. And SC is right, our generation hasn't ever "witnessed" something like LBJ. I don't think anyone ever has had his size, talent etc. Maybe Dr. J came close on size to talent ratio, but still, I'll take LBJ in a one on one with Dr. J anytime. (or anyone else for that matter, except obviously "the Jimmer" haha)

The point is LBJ is amazing, and learning this year to play without the ball in his hands was a rough transition. Once he learns that (something he didn't have to do for the first 7 years of his career.) I have no doubt he and the heat will win one with the trio they got. Will they win more? maybe. But you better believe LBJ will be raising the Larry O'Brien wearing a Heat jersey at some point in the future. Just like I have no doubt the BoSox are gonna take the world series this year. Isn't that right SC?


  1. Hateful Mr Cowboy, just hateful. Just because the BoSox have won 10 of their last 11 doesn't mean you gotta rude