Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Pranks are a great time. I love em. Here are a list of some pranks I've pulled in the past. Feel free to do any of these, and share some of yours, I need new ideas.

1-Catch a duck, put it in-between someone's front door and glass door, and wait for them to hear the commotion and open the door. That duck is gonna wreak havoc!
2-too hard to explain. just watch the video
3-The wooden spoon prank in another classic, this one will involve an accomplice.
4-Lure someone out of their house, into an open space (maybe with some signs or bread crumbs), then you and a few buddies (hiding) come out and blast them with flour "bombs" (from experience, this is most effective when they get hit in the face)
5-Plastic wrap on the toilet seat (good in theory, but hasn't proven to be super effective yet.)
6-*DISCLAIMER* This one is kinda mean, but could be funny if pulled on the right person. Fill up their car vents with flour (or anything else that can be blown around in the wind) turn up their AC all the way, then wait for them to start their car
7-Hide in a garbage can and scare the crap out of someone...careful its not a black dude.

I think that is good enough for now. Please post more ideas in the comments. Youtube's pranks seem pretty repetitive. I need fresh ideas! Now I gotta go have my bowl, gotta have cereal. peace.


  1. i think a shooting a shotgun at someone would be funny... i mean, you take out the bee-bees... that would be insane.

  2. You could just dump right outside the door of a college dorm, and then wait for somebody to step in it.