Thursday, April 21, 2011


If you know me, you know I'm not scared to speak my mind. Recently I have gotten in a few "run-ins" as a result. So this story I will tell like Dane Cook's "At the Wall" In other words, let's Tarantino this...start with the ending and figure out why it happened. Let's begin this journey.

So a little history first, Elenor (not her real name but it will do for now) is infamous in the school of business as SUU for kissing up to professor, making irrelevant comments during class, making her opinion known regardless of time constraints, and without considering the fact no one else cares even a little bit. This semester I have had the misfortune of having a class with her again, a class which is based on class discussion. We had a little run in earlier this year when she tried to rip on Utah for having the culture of getting married and starting a family young. I promptly told her that if she has a problem with Utah and it's culture, she doesn't have to live here. (Remember that last piece of information, it will be key later in my story.)

Ok so now that you have a little history here goes...a couple weeks ago I had a run-in with her. It ended with the phrase "you a#$hole, wanna take this outside!?!" Now, let's go back. Figure it out.

We were starting class on a random tangent. Our MANAGEMENT teacher, started talking about the business school's secretary dilation (the secretary is pregnant and apparently a good friend of the teacher, looks like she is about to pop). Well because those things gross me out, I interjected by saying "I'm not really comfortable talking about that, it grosses me out." And the professor, a classy guy, says "fair enough...onto the lecture" At this point I'm relieved. I don't have to hear about female anatomy anymore, or try and figure out how I will ever look the secretary in the eye again after hearing that stuff. Well just as I'm about to relax, Elenor turns around (like a true brown-noser she sits front and center) and says "I thought you were all gun-ho about getting married and having kids." At first I thought "is this her feeble attempt to save face due to the last burning I gave her?" I figured it was, so without thinking I come back with "Elenor, I don't know why you talk to me, you never have anything intelligent to say to me." Now she's pissed.

"You a#$hole! Wanna take this outside!?!" Is all she could muster, first I thought "is she really challenging me to a fight? Does she realize how insane and red-neck she sounds? What kind of jackass would fight a girl? My only response however was "that makes no sense, why would I ever fight a girl? Grow up Elenor." As anyone knows, being told "grow up" doesn't sit well with anyone, and Elenor was no exception. She packed up her bags and stormed out of the class. (keep in mind this all happened in the first 4 minutes of class)

As I watched her storm off like a 2-year old, my only thought was "wow, Walter Cannon was right, all she wanted to do was fight, then flight. Gotta be a red-neck" Next step, figure out how to finish out the semester without her coming at me swinging.