Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated

Lyrics to this title provided by the one and only, Avril Lavigne. (Not that I really like her, just seems like a fitting title)

So life is complicated. Balancing school, work, religion, friends, relationships etc. There is a lot on the plate of a college student and it doesn't seem like it gets less complicated as life goes on. Today the complications I'm talking about are relationships. Vince Vaughn knows all too well the complications of relationships and dating. Now first, my disclaimer is that I have never actually been in an exclusive relationship with any one girl. However, recently there was a girl that seemed like she was worth the extra effort to try and date exclusively.

Now obviously this girl wasn't a run-of-the mill girl and for that I was more than just interested. We started talking, hung out a few times, went on a few dates, all the while I was thinking she wasn't that into me and we were basically just friends. (who hooked up every now and again) Little did I know she really was more into me than I thought.

One day she calls me up to get ice cream. (out of the ordinary for her, she's a bit of a texter.) Well we go to get some ice cream, and by this time I'm feeling like its time to tell her the timing isn't right, I'm not feeling it and I don't think she is either; this ice cream time will be the perfect opportunity. Well she comes at me with the "steve, the way you act is too confusing, I can't get a read on you and that scares me. I like you but can never tell what you think, so I think we need to stay just friends." Even tho this is the end result I was expecting, it threw me for a loop. Looking back I can see how I didn't show much interest and confused her. Guys: here is a list of "don'ts" for you next time you are trying to play it cool with a girl.

1-Don't play too hard to get.
2-Don't make the only date you ask her on to be watching your nephew on valentine's day
3-Don't let her make the first move on asking you out
4-Don't sell yourself short, if she has hung around for more than a week after your first "date"... there's something there.
5-Don't let her ask you out on more dates than you've asked her out on

Hope this is helpful fellas; don't over complicate things, if you like her, let her know! As for me, I'm still in the game, kinda on an "E streak" right now if you've ever read my buddies blog. Haven't found another that I've decided to take to the next level, but the game is fun!

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