Sunday, April 8, 2012

welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Ok. So lent is over. I can start blogging again. Just kidding, I don't do lent. March was a pretty crazy month! Spring break, I got accepted to ASU for a master's program, I had a nephew born, my brother came home from his mission in France, I'm dating someone. A lot happened! But enough about me, if you wanted to read a blog about what's going on in people's life, go read your married friends blog. And try not to throw up after. Enough of that, onto the matter at hand.

Recently I have been spending a lot of time with some really funny people. New funny people. This group of friends make me laugh regularly. One thing that is really funny is the compasult. A compliment that also comes with an insult. Some people might know this as a 'back-handed compliment.' I realized that these compasult's are a great way to increase your sarcasm, and allow you to compliment someone without sending the wrong message. Or insult someone without hurting their feelings. (you'll never know which it is, and THAT is why this is a great thing.) Mostly they are just fun to say to CLOSE friends. That won't get offended.

So here are some of the compasult's I've come up with, feel free to use them or post more in the comment section so I can add to my arsenal. REMINDER: this is all in good fun. I am not directing these at anyone, they are just kind of fun.

If a skinny person wore those, they definitely wouldn't look as good as you.

I don't care what anyone says, I think you're really smart!

You look really good! I didn't realize how big you were.

For a special person, you are really smart!

You dress really well for a wal-mart shopper!

WOW, that was a great answer! I never knew you were capable of an answer like that.

You sound really smart today!

I always feel more intelligent after talking with you.

You look really good in this picture. Did you photoshop it?

Wow. You look nice. Are you going somewhere later?

If you weren't overweight, you'd be the best looking one of your friends. 

Have you been working out? You're skinny now!

You look so pretty I didn't even recognize you!

So there are a few I've laughed at over the years. Hope you had a good laugh. Until next time...

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