Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change of Scenery

In life we "change scenery" all the time. When we're little we start out having a great time just chillin at home trying to figure out what scooby doo just said and waiting for the day when that damn trix bunny finally gets some of those trix. Then school starts...and that is pretty great: naps, coloring books, recess...but all of the sudden we are expected to grow up in the 1st grade and start reading books with more than 4 words on a page and stop taking mid-morning naps. Then when we are in 5th or 6th grade we feel like we've got it figured out just to get slapped in the face come Jr. High. Then it's the pecking order, we are the lowest on the food chain, then we get to the top, just to get thrown into High school; and the cycle continues.

Now this isn't the only change of scenery we experience. How many best friends have you had? If you are from a small town, maybe you've only had one. but odds are you've probably had your fair share of best friends. My first best friend was Christopher Robin (no, not from winnie the pooh). I tried to find him on facebook a while back and I don't even remember what he looks like let alone where he lives. In 8th grade, a mere 9 years ago my best friend was Zac Gorringe, guess what, I have no idea what he's up to. I haven't spoken to him for 5 years! He went to a different high school so that was the end of that. Fast forward to college and 2 best buddies later, I'm still wondering when the madness will end. My best bud since college started is now living in SLC, and another close friend of mine (essentially another best friend) is starting to get weird and I don't see him much anymore. I think he has had a hard time adjusting after his mission (2 years ago). I feel like we are drifting apart and another change of scenery is coming. Currently one of my best buddies is known as The Silent Cowboy aka Weezy (I'm trying to make that stick with our buddies) aka Jimmer (cuz he makes it rain like the real Jimmer). He's a good dude, and if you asked me who my best bud is right now, he would probably be included. 

Now i'll ask you again. When does the madness end? How many people will continue to drift in and out of our lives? I love getting to know new people, I don't regret losing touch with others, I love changing scenery, but only when I'm ready. Is that wrong? No. Not unless I say so.

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