Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Perfect 10

So last week I went on a double date with my buddy. Well we picked up my date first...which means she was dropped off last. We had a great time on the date, made dinner, played games, etc. As I was taking her date says "Most guys I've known use the basic 1-10 numbering system based on girls based solely on looks" Which was weird cuz as I remember it neither me or my buddy brought up the topic in any way, shape or form.

My initial reaction was "really? is this happening on a first date?" As I'm trying to decide how to respond to this; luckily the silent cowboy (my buddy) had the whereabouts to turn it around and say girls do similar things just on a different scale. But this got me thinking, which most things do, what would be a good rating scale? Is there a scale that would be ideal for every situation? Can this be possible? I still haven't figured it out. Maybe would could switch to letters, and each letter would represent a different girl? A= awesome all-around H= hottie but that's all she's got going for her K= kissable but not datable D= dramatic C= a good Catch E= Easy and the list can go on, we can use all 26 letters! (or maybe adopt the Spanish alphabet and get a few more)

When it came down to it, I decided that no system would work, for several reasons. The biggest being the fact that it can take weeks to truly give an adequate and accurate ranking. The only thing you can know really quickly: outer appearance. Is the number system flawed? yes. Can it be fixed? maybe. Will we as men change our mainstream thinking? No. So ladies, just relax, the ranking is only temporary, you decide your ultimate ranking by how you act around us. Now is that so shallow?

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