Thursday, March 10, 2011

What? You haven't heard?

The other night I was at the SUU girls gymnastics meet. Now if you have ever been to their meets before, they have a tradition during transitioning from beam to floor exercise to shout..."SOUTHERN" in hopes the crowd shouts back "UTAH." (repeat 3 times) Now not that I'm against organized cheers, but this one I hate. For one reason. The shrill, obnoxious, high-pitch sound the emanates from those girls makes me cringe, gag, and want to throw something heavy, sticky, or slimy at them. I hate this sound. Now everyone has a sound that makes them less happy, or in Dane Cook's case, it makes him wanna punch a baby. So now you know, you're not alone, everyone has a sound that they hate. Let's hear yours...regular can a baccer says you...? No says I.

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