Tuesday, December 6, 2011

seasons greetings from 352

This semester has been one of the most fun semesters I've ever had. I owe a lot of that to my roommates here at house #352. Today I feel it prudent to introduce them.

First, Tim. We call him Tim "The Hurricane" Dalene. He does hurdles for the SUU track team. He's so fast, that hurricanes can't catch him. Hence the nickname. Some facts about him: You are more likely to find him wearing camo than wearing a suit. If you need something fixed, he can definitely take it apart, but there are no guarantees that it will be working afterwards. He has the most glorious beard growing potential you've ever seen. (as shown in the picture) A 4-time hurdle state champion from Manti High (yeah we know 2A isn't a big deal). If you are up for an adventure; so is he. He also loves to cat daddy.
Oh and just a word to the wise, if he says he's done it a million times and it's totally safe, neither are true. And he loves to party.

Next, Brent. He is a homemaker. Actually at this exact moment he is inviting me to eat some of the cake he made. He did also invite me to lick the batter out of the bowl. Which I plan on doing. Straight out of Las Vegas he is a hero. He is the most decorated Decathlete from SUU. (That's competing in 10 events over a 2 day period.) Some good nicknames: Brentosaurus, Sprinkles, Son of Zues (from his chiseled features), and if you play xbox, you'll see him as Testotobrent. When he grows out his mullet, no redneck from any backwoods can defeat him! He is owner of some of the best one liners I've ever heard, like: "My mind has a built in beef timer" and "These chips make me feel like a sultan!" If you like the big bang theory or during the holidays feel like watching Jim Carrey's version of "The Grinch" you have is attention. And he loves to party.

Finally we have Brian Cameron. Or BC for short. If you haven't heard about Brian, and you go to SUU; shame on you. He's only the best player on the SUU Basketball team. I've known him since we were in 7th grade. He could dunk then, and still can. If he were to be nominated for some "most-likely" award, it would be "Most likely to make a billion dollars as a CEO" Dude's a genius. If you need something fixed, ask Tim, then Brian will come and actually fix it. Some things he likes to do: make PB&J sandwiches (i think he's made one everyday this semester), build dirt ramps that send you flying into a lake, and cruise down main on his scooter. Easy ladies, he's taken. And he loves to party.

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