Friday, December 23, 2011


So there's a new fad out there. Pinterest. I first heard about it on Facebook. No wait, it was someone tweeting about a Facebook post, talking about a blog, that got an idea from Pinterest. Wait, maybe someone was blogging about a tweet they found on pinterests facebook page? I don't know, too many damn social networks these days. Anyways, Pinterest is sweeping the female nation.

I hardly know anything about the site. From my understanding, (because I'm too proud to actually visit the site) it's like a giant relief society meeting where girls get together and talk about "cute" ideas for decorating, cooking, scrapbooking etc. I've seen my friend Cora on it once, and it just seemed like it was for girls who wanted ideas for some activity you learn in home economics. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing on the site, my question is, why? Can't you just google stuff you want to know about? When did google become so inefficient that you have to dedicate another site to finding things on google, then duplicate them on a digital wall. (I'm being informed that it's actually called a "cork board.")

Well because here in America we believe in equal opportunity, or at least the civil rights people say so, I have decided that I'm going to start a guys version of this site. It will be called "mancation" An entire site dedicated to stuff just us guys talk about: chest hair, cleats, elbow grease, the hot girl next door, spitting, scratching etc. This site is gonna blow pinterest away! Instead of a "cork board" we will have a dart board, and instead of "cute" ideas for weddings, birthdays and other gala events; we will have the cheats to Contra, what is the best Charcoal for grillin, the schedule/time/TV station for every football, baseball, basketball game, who the new Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are, and where the closest camping spots are.

As you can tell, this site is gonna be awesome. So what do you think? Mantriguing right!? Oh by the way, Mormonism, all true; every single word.

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