Friday, May 11, 2012

don't let school get in the way of your education

Well I did it. I graduated as a T-Bird. After hundreds of hours of studying, late night adventures, and a few run-ins, I am a college graduate. The past 4 years at college have taught me some pretty great stuff. I have learned a lot. I want to thank everyone who has made my college experience amazing. Some of the best life lessons and learning experiences happened outside of the classroom. Here are a few things that I have learned while in Cedar:

Longboarding will forge some lifelong Friends
Don't ride with Kacy Esplin unless you like getting thrown off of 4-wheelers.
3 mustaches are way better than 3 french hens
If you're going to bet, bet on t-bird red
Mud football is fun. Coaching mud football; also fun
Kevin Higbee has the best hands in the game
Don't run through the woods with an animal skin covering your face
Never question a free meal
Dodgeball is TOO legit
Hog-tying friends is fun.
If you see a cute girl, talk to her, it might be your only chance; and it might work out really well!

No matter how good the party, dubstep will make it suck

There are plenty more things I've learned, but I'm tired of uploading pictures. Thanks to everyone who made the last few years unforgettable. Special shout out to the brethren (tim, brent, bill, preston, joe) and the herd (walker, kacy, burke, kacen, shmee, hyde, sean, drew). And just so this post isn't too boring, here's a joke:

Why did the boy drop the sucker?

He got hit by a bus. 


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