Friday, May 6, 2011

has spring sprung?

Cedar City Utah, the land where dreams of summer go to die. May 15 2010 Mother nature blessed Cedar with snow. MAY FIFTEENTH!!! Are you kidding me? Well as a Cedar City veteran, I know better than to pack away the winter clothes just yet. You see, here in Cedar it can be 85 one day, and the next have a northern wind come in that makes you feel like a little duckling. And that night you better believe Jack Frost will be paying us a visit. June 21 marks the "summer soltice" or as the less-educated (meaning you haven't looked it up on google like I just did) would know it...first day of summer. I believe that the weatherman made a pact with our mother (nature) that after this day it was illegal to make it snow. But everyday before that is fair game in our fine metropolis of Cedar City. So kiddies, don't drink the kool-aid. Spring may have sprung, punxsutawney phil said it has, I hope it has, but until June 21, the winter coat will be on-call.

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