Thursday, August 4, 2011

blue-shirted girl

If you have talked to Drew Killpack in the last month or so, you have probably heard about her. If you have been around Drew and I together, you have definitely heard about her. I am of course, talking about the blue-shirted girl. (the title kind of gave this one away.)

About a month ago, Drew was visiting me here in Phoenix AZ. On Friday night we were going to meet up with some girls on mill ave around 10pm. Well it was about 6 and we had time to kill. So after learning how to really have a snowball fight we decided to hit up the Talking Stick Resort Hotel/Casino. Now first I was a little uneasy because it was on and Indian Reservation, and it was night time. (Skin walkers?) Next, I haven't gambled in years, so I didn't know what I was going to do other than watch Drew lose money.

So Drew hit the blackjack table, I watched, and in about 10 minutes he had lost nearly $100 bucks (which he had won earlier from another casino) So, with our tails between our legs we left the casino to see where our next adventure would be. Just as we were leaving a hot little brunette wearing a blue shirt walks thru the front doors, and as Drew so kindly puts it, I "waived to her like an idiot" and she waved back. Now just as we were getting back to the car, I suggest we should go talk to this girl in the blue shirt. He gives in and we go back to the casino to look for her.

Now we never did find her, I'm still not 100% sure if she was real or an apparition. Either way, she lured us back into the casino, and while we were looking for her Drew saw a Blackjack table that he liked. So we sat down, and ended up winning all his money back plus some! I even got courage and played a few hands and ended up winning $30 bucks! We owe it all to the blue-shirted girl.

Fast forward to the next day. We were hungry,  so we hit up the pizza hut by my house. They said that it would take about 15 minutes to make the pizza, well it took like 20 minutes, so they gave us a free pizza to thank us for waiting! The blue-shirted girl had struck once again to bring us fortune! Now since that day I haven't had a blue-shirted girl moment. I believe that she only works her magic when you don't expect it and when its just Drew and I. So, blue-shirted girl, if you are out there, we thank you for bringing us much good fortune, if you are a spirit roaming the indian grounds of AZ, thank you, I look forward to your next appearance.

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