Monday, August 15, 2011

random check?

This summer I've traveled a couple times by myself on an airplane. When you are traveling by yourself and waiting in the security-check line there is really only 2 things to do. 1) check out the cuties around you or 2) watch the security's random checks. Well usually in about 5 minutes I've successfully located all girls worth a second glance, and realized that I'm never going to do anything more than look. So my attention turns to the random searches relatively quick.

Turns out, these searches aren't that random. Most checks I've seen are Middle Eastern/Indian (not native americans) people. Do I disagree with this? No, history tells us that more likely than not, the next significant terrorist attack on the U.S. will be a Middle Eastern radical. To most of you, this isn't that shocking. What I did find rather interesting was the amount of decently attractive white girls that were being searched.

Apparently so many women have been hiding things in their boobs that the TSA has deemed it necessary to feel up the cleavage, and even side boob. Yesterday morning, on my way back from a family reunion, a girl in her early 30's with an obvious boob job was "randomly" selected by a young TSA male agent. Well he was denied access by the woman and therefore a young lady TSA agent (who was decently cute) was tasked with performing the check. Time, and the security line, stood still as every male in the area stopped to watch Miss Boob Job get felt up by another pretty girl. Turns out...she was clean. PHEW! No bombs, no knives, not even a nail file in those things. I'm sure everyone in the airport was relieved knowing that this potential porn star wasn't a terrorist after all. With that knowledge under my belt, I was able to get my shoes back on and make it to my gate.

So the moral of the story...I don't think there really is one. But if you are lonely, you might try taking a flight soon...

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