Monday, August 1, 2011

cuddling 101

This post is a collaboration from the brain trust. (Kacen Cox, Drew Killpack, Cory Brown, and Jessica Gerth.

Don't you hate it when you are watching a movie with a girl, and the cuddling doesn't go well. On the other hand, when the cuddling is going great, you can enjoy the movie, each other's company, and maybe even get the million dollar question asked to you "do you have any gum?" which we all know means they are making sure their breath is good for you.

So this post is dedicated to maximizing the enjoyability of cuddling, with some do's and don'ts from both sides of the equation.

First the guys, Kacen made a great point, that there is a "nook" that girls should fit in. This nook is basically the space under your arm when you put your arm around a girls shoulder. All too often when you put your arm around the girl it ends up behind both shoulders and your arm just falls asleep during the movie. Plus you've put her in an uncomfortable position with your arm behind her back so she can't lean back on the couch very well.

Along with the same lines, ladies, you need to be all or nothing when it comes to cuddling. Kacen raised a good point when he said, sometimes the upper-half is great, the girl fits right in the 'nook' but then their legs are going off into the abyss. If you are going to cuddle properly, its a "full-contact" sport. That means use your legs haha. Drew came up with a great phrase "the half straddle" where she puts her leg up on top of yours while she is leaning into you. Ladies, from personal experience this is my very favorite way to cuddle. If you do this already, you are awesome, if you haven't, try it, you and the guy will love it. Trust me.

Next, spooning on a couch never really works out. On a bed, maybe, but a couch, try to avoid it. Here's why, one: usually her head gets in the way and you can't see the movie, and let's be real, the only reason a guy doesn't want to watch the movies is if its a: its one of the twighlight movies, or b: he's kissing the girl instead of watching the movie.

Now, on this lake powell trip we had a few of the girls give their input, and here is what we got. Some don't like if you touch their stomach, especially if you don't know them all that well. It makes them feel self-conscious and they end up trying to suck in the whole movie and can't enjoy it.

The other consensus 'pet peeve' was to make sure that the girl can see. And by see I mean they can easily use both eyes and aren't having to turn their head in a weird position to see whats going on. This is crucial cuz if they can't get comfortable or aren't having a good time, you better believe the most you are going to get at the end of the night is a hug, pat on the arm and a half-hearted "thanks, this was fun."

Now, just a little bit of advice to both parties. If you are going to go eat out somewhere before going back to the house to watch a movie, don't eat at wingers (or any food place that is gonna give you gas) For obvious reasons. If you do, the next 2 hours of your life will be miserable, and if you can't control yourself, it will be miserable for the girl as well.

So there you have it, cuddling 101, obviously there's more to it but this will do...

who didn't invite me? sea horse sea hell!

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