Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i'm not going to wear the freaking gown...

Yesterday I had a physical. The nurse told me to change out of my street clothes and get into a gown. I asked her why, and she said "it easier for the doctor" Now if you know me you know I think being naked is kinda funny. But in this moment I was thinking, "how is this easier than me dropping my pants for 2 seconds?"  Usually I don't mind being naked, but only in the right settings. and the doctor's office is NOT the right settings. Is more of an awkward, uncomfortable, I hate this, setting. So when she left, I was looking at the gown, and decided, "I'm not going to wear that freaking gown." Here were my reasons...

1- I'm not over 40 so I didn't need a prostate check-up
2- I wasn't wearing a leotard so getting my pants down for a 2-second check of my boys wouldn't be a problem
3-I wasn't going to be in that office for more than 10 minutes anyways.

 Guess what, I never put that gown on, and the doctor had no problem, all he did was ask me to drop my shorts for 2 seconds. wow. that was easy. I started looking around for a staples button to click...

So that got me thinking, how many times do we get told to do something that makes NO sense. Something we could do another way, faster, and with greater ease? Like math...how many stupid process did your teacher tell you that you had to learn and you never ended up using them again? Learning the times tables? please. I use a cell phone.

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