Wednesday, September 21, 2011

don't act like you're not impressed

It's the start of school. You are trying to impress the new "talent" before someone else swoops in. You need to dress to impress; and you've noticed that the loose, baggy style is out. But you have no idea what else to rock.

Skinny Jeans? Tight Jeans? Is there a difference? Does it matter? Today I'm here to clear up some things. There is a BIG difference between the 2. If you aren't careful you'll end up like this guy.

People have different body builds. Some people (and by some people I mean me) are tall and skinny. Can't seem to gain weight. Skinny jeans are the perfect remedy. Others are more filled out. If you are filled out, and aren't considered "skinny," odds are, skinny jeans won't be for you. You might end up looking like a clown car. Way too much junk stuffed into something way too small.

One thing is for sure, you never want to have your jeans skin tight. Guys weren't meant to have skin tight jeans. However, SKINNY jeans, aren't skin tight. They are just skinnier than a normal set of jeans. Made for skinny people. Here are some examples of when skinny jeans are ok:

Justin Bieber: 'Nuff Said
Justin Timberlake: Every girl wants to date him

Lil Wayne: Certified Gangsta

So there you have it. You can wear skinny jeans. Just don't wear em skin tight the whole way down. When in doubt, make sure its not tight on your calves, and rock some high tops. You can never go wrong with some sick supra high tops.

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