Tuesday, October 18, 2011

nothin but epic

Not Pictured: Drew Killpack, Chad Parson, Cory Brown, 5 Honey-dips
That's all I can do to describe this weekend. It wasn't supposed to start out that way. My plan was to go fishing with my brother and dad on Friday, then just spend a low-key weekend at home with the family. Well my brother had to postpone, so I ended up staying 'in town.' Friday started off with a 45-minute drive to Colorado City talking with 3 of my good buddies. We didn't even listen to the radio that how fun the conversation was.

Upon arrival we got kinda settled, then hit up the sand dunes on the 4-wheelers in the dark of the night. Well 15 minutes later and a mouthful of dust, we made it to the dunes and had ourselves a blast. After a few hours of riding, telling ghost and polygamist stories, we headed back to the cabin for the night. A few more hours filled with ninja strike, signs, a campfire sing-a-long, s'mores, and some good ol' fashioned rasslin, we got settled down enough to sleep for a couple hours.
Good ol' fashioned rasslin'
Ninja Strike
Now let me remind you all, that going to bed at 4 am and getting up at 8 am isn't a very good idea. But you can't waste a cabin trip by sleeping, so that's what we did. The next morning, a bunch of people had this crazy thing called 'work' so they had to leave early and get back to c-city. 10 of us however, did not. So you better believe we had some delicious cap'n crunch for breakfast, then a full day of 4-wheelers and sand football. (Didn't know I could get sand in some spots.) Well driving back from the dunes, Kacy is driving and I'm man-doubling on the back of the 4-wheeler. He gets a little confident (and by confident, I mean cocky) and starts going about 40 down a narrow path back to the cabin. Well on one turn, he get's a little to cocky and loses control around the corner. As we are headed right toward a dirt wall the only thing running thru my mind is "oh $#!^" We end up t-boning the sand wall. Going 40 mph. While I'm on the back. I can't hold onto him that tight, so I get launched about 10 feet and land on my hip. Kacy starts running over to me thinking he just killed me and I can't get up from laughing to hard. Later I felt the pain but at the moment it was just funny.

Get back Saturday, go bowling with some honey-dips, watch a movie and crash about 4 am. Get up early for church on Sunday. In sacrament I realize I'm running on about 8 hours of sleep the last 48 hours. Nevertheless, I made it thru the entire 3 hours without nodding off once.

Camie made some amazing brownies Saturday night
Sunday night we head to beav-town for some more cabin fun. Kacy and I get the bright idea to try and scare everyone in the house by dressing up in some coveralls, and putting some wolf skins on our heads covering our faces. The plan was for me to walk in front of one the windows, get everyone to look at me, then book it back into the woods while Kacy (wearing the exact same thing as me) came bursting into the house moments later. While running into the woods, I didn't see the 7-foot drop into a 1 foot deep river. Needless to say, I got owned. I learned that 1 foot of water is the perfect amount to soak you while not breaking your fall at all. Felt like I broke my tailbone. But no worries, mission accomplished. The girls we intended to scare, definitely had some shepherd's pie in their trousers. After my pride, hip, and tailbone were hurting, I managed to get another 5 hours of sleep that night on a couch.

The honey-dips in beaver
Next morning, we played some horseshoes, then proceeded to drive the hour back from Beaver to Cedar in a Jetta with 7 people. If you don't know what a Jetta is, well it's a car made for 5. NOT 7. We managed to make it back, and then Monday night we decided to cram 11 people in a Nissan Pathfinder and drive 30 minutes on a dirt road to a 'haunted house' Remember, my tailbone was already killing me. We got back from that around 11. Popped in a movie about the evil toothfairy, after the movie, a lot of chit chat, and some Black Ops, we got to bed around 3 am. Today has been dedicated to homework, fixing my car, and some touch football. Now it's nearly midnight, and I have 8am class tomorrow. So you do the math. 13 hours of sleep in 4 days, fredette about it. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

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