Wednesday, June 8, 2011

at the wall...

WalMart: the most successful company of the last 30 years. Also one of the most diverse groups of clients in the world, if not the most diverse. In Cedar City your visit is pretty predictable. Find some stuff you want, run into someone you know from the college, maybe spot a polygamist, then be on your merry way. Phoenix AZ? Not a chance. I've decided over my last few visits to the local WalMart of Phoenix, that an alien visiting WalMart would decide our planet had no reason to live and blow us up immediately, here’s why: (note I did not take a single one of these pictures, they just help re-iterate my points visually)

1-Humans have no developed a sense of shame

2-All humans will eventually get to fat to walk due to a severe condition: Lazyness

3-Prostitution is legal in the most public of places

4-Hired assassins will strike anywhere-no one is safe

5-Eventually all human appendages grow together rendering the person utterly useless

There are plenty more reasons you are probably thinking of at this very moment, if you’d like you can list them in the comment section. I just hope aliens never visit this place...

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