Thursday, June 30, 2011

locked out

Picture this: it's sunday in early February, you just got back from 11:00 church (because this was your lucky year) and you are about to make some hot wings, bagel bites, and sit down to watch the Super Bo....wait a minute, you can't! The players are complaining the the $250,000 salary minimum is too low and won't play until it's raised. No problem, just switch over to TNT and catch the 2nd half the the Celti....uh oh, the NBA is locked out to!?! The players are underpaid again?! Didn't that just happen like 12 years ago? Yep, it did.

Ladies and gentleman, we are in a crisis in America. The 2 most exciting sports to watch on TV are in a lockout with no end in sight. Well when I heard about this I jumped on my computer and headed straight for ESPN. After reading a few articles on the NBA lockout, (the latest lockout) I wanted to see what the general public had to say. Many were upset, as to be expected. Some were trying to promote the NHL or soccer leagues. I don't think I could bear to watch either for more than 10 minutes let alone an entire game or "match." So I, like many others, would watch my toenails grow before watching the NHL or soccer.

But then I started to feel worried for these players and owners. How on earth will they be able to afford their Bentley's, private jets, $1,000 bottles of champagne, child support, etc. So I thought of some great ways for both leagues to earn some NEEDED revenue during this lockout.

1. Roger Goodell fights David Stern on PPV (boxing or UFC) determining which sports is ultimately the best.
2. Vegas starts making pools for which star players will be cut from the team due to being fat and out of shape
3. Players can become walking advertisements thru tattoos. This is an added bonus for the players because of their love for new tattoos.
4. Make a game for Xbox Kinect called "NFL/NBA 2K12 - the lockout" where you can pretend you are a certain player and take him through daily tasks that aren't related to sports. Such as grocery shopping, getting a hair cut, coming out with a new perfume/shoe label, getting a DUI, swimming in their underground pool, etc. The possibilities are endless
5. Learn how to dance and create a broadway musical called "Lockout - O' How We Suffer" including at least 3 rolls royce in the production, and every cast member is required to wear gucci and a gold chain.
6. Appearing at birthday parties, bar mitzvah's, and other social events for a fee.
7. Found a charity event called "Please help the Pro's": they can put on concerts and divide all earnings between themselves. Maybe Lady Gaga can perform.

As the lockout continues, I'm sure they will find more creative ways to make money. But anything you can add as a suggestion would be great. Every little bit helps.

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