Friday, June 17, 2011

proceed with caution

At my new job my boss is a cool guy. Not only does he rake in the cash like it's nobody's biz, is super friendly, and looks out for me, but most importantly he has a jelly bean dispenser in his office. This last week I finally had the courage to go in his office and get me some of those jelly beans. While eating my handful at my desk it got me to realize what an adventure jelly beans are.

To illustrate I will quote my college roommate Lonnie. (he is super cool) "You've got a fruit salad in your mouth and in comes cinnamon, no! Cinnamon jelly bellies are like a jelly bean imposter" I think this quote sums it up nicely. With almost all candies you are safe with red. Fruit punch, cherry, watermelon, strawberry are the usual flavors. Now don't get me wrong, I love hot tamales, but there is a time and place for cinnamon. Just like Lonnie, when a cinnamon jelly bean explodes in my mouth when I'm savoring a berry blue one, I get a little freaked out. Now cinnamon is pretty easy to spot, but don't get it confused with pomegranate, the differences are subtle, but to the unsuspecting this mix-up could be fatal.
Pomegranate                                 Cinnamon

Because to the untrained eye all jelly bellies can look delicious; I've compiled a list of jelly bean colors to avoid:

buttered popcorn, and trust me, this flavor is NEVER a good choice, by far the worst one of the bunch.