Monday, June 6, 2011

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What are the 4 most dreaded words any single male can hear from a woman? I’ll bet if you were a woman you were totally stumped. I’ll bet 50% (or more) of the males reading this got it right. The correct response is: “we need to talk.” It can mean any number of things, “You need to shape up,” “I want to break up with you,” or as I’m most familiar with: the “are we dating or what?”  version. Since I have never actually been in an exclusive relationship, I haven’t really experienced the first 2, however you could say that I have enough experience with the last to be a black belt.

I want to ask the girls of the world a question; How come girls can’t accept the fact that guys (and by guys I mean me) take a while to become convinced that a certain girls’ time is worth more than all other girls combined? This is a difficult process. There are SO many girls in Cedar City. Many are pretty attractive, some have a little more going for them, some a lot more going for them. So finding one worth more than just casual dating is a process. And for me, this process is long.

Now as I already mentioned; I am well versed in dealing with this “defining of the relationship” talk. Most women that pose this question to you want security, assurance that they are you’re one and only, and that they are you’re top priority.

These women are impatient in relationships. Granted defining the relationship needs to happen if you are to ever have a healthy relationship, however, timing is key. There is no need for this 2, 3, maybe even 4 weeks into the courting period. Ladies, let things take shape a little bit first. But apparently for these women, 2 weeks is an eternity. And if no decision is made, the wheels fall off. They get upset, don’t wanna “play games” and have decided just because you are not totally sure you want to be 100% committed to them, that you are a player and this “relationship” can no longer continue.  

I want to make an observation that most girls don’t realize. If you are dating someone, you are insinuating that they are in fact, your “best friend” (defined loosely). You choose to spend you prime time with them. They take priority over all other people (excluding family) Let me remind you that your current best friend probably wasn’t your best friend after a couple weeks. Probably not even after a month, it takes time to build up that trust and develop that level of friendship. How can dating be any different?

So, ladies, I ask you to please have patience with men. Even though it may not make sense to you, we have a little harder time falling in love with you, and realizing that a night in watching re-runs of Gilmore girls and the new bachelor episode is better than b-ball with our homies or a party to meet new people. And fellas, be warned, after the 3rd make out, it’s usually only a matter of time before this conversation happens. 

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  1. hahahahaha oh Steve...this one got me! Interesting take on this...I'm not sure if i agree with your blanket statements, but hey that could just be me.