Wednesday, February 15, 2012

basically a utopia...

So a friend of mine, posted a video up on facebook a few weeks ago. A trailer for "The Vow." I made it about 8 seconds before I couldn't watch anymore. In that moment I realized something. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of movies that would never exist if the world only catered to men. Also, there are plenty of actors that wouldn't have to degrade themselves by doing these cheesy, it-could-never-really-happen-in-real-life, movies. A few came to mind. 

*DISCLAIMER* Chick-flicks are fine, I have no problem with them, if I'm watching one it means I'm kickin it with a girl that I am into. All I'm saying is these actors would probably be out of a job, or have to do real acting if these chick-flick movies were non-existent.

Channing Tatum. Really? I mean, just cuz he takes his shirt off every other scene, doesn't mean he can act. We could have been spared the awfulness of such movies as "Step Up" "Dear John" "Step up 2" and "She's the man." He did play in "Coach Carter" which is an excellent film, but just like that movie, if he had to play a role in a movie that wasn't retarded, he would be supporting cast, at best.