Monday, January 16, 2012

the glass really is half full...

I was just checking my facebook, and as it turns out, most people in Utah like to complain erratime it decides to snow. This has confused and made me laugh for years. For a few reasons. Every year people act so surprised that it gets cold in Utah. You'd think after years and years here; people would understand that every November it gets cold. And stays that way for a while. Don't get me wrong, when it's snowing in April, I'm kinda bugged too. But January? Really? It supposed to be cold in January. There's supposed to be snow. When there isn't snow I get bugged. We may as well have something to play in while it's cold! What makes me laugh even more is when people from out of state come here and complain. Really? You didn't know that Utah got cold? Whoops. Check your facts next time.

Instead of complaining about the snow and cold every day of the winter, let's try to find some positives to the cold. Make the winter as fun as the summer! Here's a quick list.

1. Cold means indoors...watching movies and cuddling up to a cutie? Yep that's pretty great. Just make sure you know how to cuddle.

2. Hot Cocoa. Tell me the last time you had hot chocolate in the middle of July. It's pretty awesome. Not to mention egg nog. Something that only comes around in the cold.

3. Sledding. This is the equivalent to tubing in the summer. Can't really complain about that.

4. Snowball fights. Sooooo fun. Plus it doesn't take 4 hours to fill up balloons like it does in the summer to have a water fight. Plus snow forts are so epic. No to mention the fact that snowballs always break, water balloons don't always break. Oh and did I forget to mention making snowmen?

5. NFL Playoffs, March Madness, Superbowl. Can't get those in the summer. World series is cool...I guess.

6. Girls: From what I've been told, the winter means pants, which means having to shave your legs less frequently. Something girls claim is "a pain" all the time. However I'm not condoning this. You should shave your legs AS SOON as they get scratchy. Twice a day if necessary.

7. New Years Eve - kisses, parties, fireworks. Sounds an awful lot like the 4th of July eh?

8. Christmas. What other holiday do you get presents? One's you actually want.

9. Ice Skating. Snowboarding, and Coloradoing. Summer equivalents: rollerblading, longboarding, cliff jumping. Except for Coloradoing, the other 2 are way more dangerous than their winter counterparts.

All in all? Winter is every bit as good as summer. Don't get me wrong, summer's are sacred, but there's no need to hate on winter. A day at the lake, or a day on the hill? Both sound pretty great to me!

oh, and if you have any more epic snow activities/awesome things about the cold, post in the comment section. I'm always up for some new fun!

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